Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures! Pictures!

Well, I guess I've officially started with my original custom painted ponies!!  No wonder these are collected throughout the world...they're so much fun to paint AND they generate creativity on every level!!  Be sure to check out their site...  for gift ideas for every age!!  I've finished 4 ponies at this time and I'm posting pics of is for a contest and will be judged in the next few weeks, so that one's under wraps!  I hope you like these!!

"In the Beginning..."
depicting the creation described in Genesis - #2010-004

"Beauty of the Mountains" - #2010-002 Inspired by my many rides through the Smokies

"Magical Mule" Inspired by my very own, very magical mule...King Solomon - #2010-001
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  1. is there a nakedy Eve on th eother side of the "Beginning" horse?