Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I'm absolutely loving painting these ponies!  I wanted to post pics of the last few that I've completed...
"40 Days..." #2011-7 --- Inspired by the Bibical story of Noah's Ark.

"My Only Wish" --#2011-8 --- Inspired by the many times of wishing for a horse of my own!

"Rearin' To Go" --#2011-9 ---  Inspired by the thought of horses pulling Santa's sleigh, instead of reindeer!

"Don't Fence Me In" --#2011-10---- Inspired by the old Western song with the same title & the beautiful wild horses of the West!

"Till We Meet Again..." --#2011-11----  Inspired by the thought of losing an equine friend...then hoping to meet them one day when we cross the Rainbow Bridge.

                                         All are sold...but am painting daily!!