Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures! Pictures!

Well, I guess I've officially started with my original custom painted ponies!!  No wonder these are collected throughout the world...they're so much fun to paint AND they generate creativity on every level!!  Be sure to check out their site...  for gift ideas for every age!!  I've finished 4 ponies at this time and I'm posting pics of is for a contest and will be judged in the next few weeks, so that one's under wraps!  I hope you like these!!

"In the Beginning..."
depicting the creation described in Genesis - #2010-004

"Beauty of the Mountains" - #2010-002 Inspired by my many rides through the Smokies

"Magical Mule" Inspired by my very own, very magical mule...King Solomon - #2010-001
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Welcome to my Painted Pony blog!

I've very recently started painting original painted ponies, using the "Paint Your Own" (by Enesco) painted pony designs.  When I started this, I was a little overwhelmed at the beautiful, imaginative, custom ponies that others were painting, selling and collecting.  I've decided to start this blog as a "window" to show my work and hopefully have discussion with others that share the love of the wonderful world of equine!! 
As I've researched the Painted Pony history and story of their growth, I've been amazed at the wonderful talent that is in the "soul" of the hundreds of artists out there!  Now, I've decided, that I would try and express myself through these wonderful, collectible horses...I've been "expressing" my love for these animals every day for 50 years, riding, showing, caring, I will try to continue to do that, through my brush!  I hope you'll visit often and please leave comments or suggestions...I'm open to new ideas or constructive criticism!!  Remember, my blog is in the beginning stage, so bear with me as I gear up!!  Thanks for stopping by!